Wednesday, 15 June 2016

LBJS Career Day

As you may be aware from the children our school theme for this term is “People Who Help Us”. Children are inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Different professions and the people involved in these professions are often introduced to young children as "helpers" or "community friends." Meeting real people who do the jobs they are learning about/have learnt about creates an exciting atmosphere in the classroom. Reading books about different careers also adds to the learning experience. However, a Career Day can be even more exciting when children are offered hands-on activities and learn directly from actual professionals.

In other to make the Career Day a success, the school will appreciate parent’s support by volunteering to talk about their profession/areas of expertise or recommend a relative or friend who will be willing to give the children thirty minutes of their valuable time. Our goal in this program is to orient our students toward various professions. This will include an explanation of entry-level requirements, the pluses and minuses of particular jobs and most importantly, the speaker’s own personal insights into his/her profession.

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